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inquiring minds must know

babys for sale !

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ok I am the community master , my name is thefutersdemise , you can post whatever you want here we here preffer something sick and or twisted . or informal , no whimpering , no emotional consult, we love Children, and Porn stars!
this is me title or description
Oh and for Bonus points, put a pic of you in a suit !

Apps required, right now its just me runnin this thing...
Promote please I would love it if you would !




ANYWHOSEN ......this is whatcha do.....

use an LJ cut type the wrods "INQUIRNG MINDS MUST KNOW"

then tell me the following; past copy;

1.Name :
2.sign :
3.age :

Do you like stand-up ?:
Whos your favorite stand-up comedians :

Your favorite 8 bands:
Favorite movies :
Favorite type of cake :
Whats your favorite Humor type ?:
name 3 ways you could change your apperance if you had too:

tell me something about your personality :
Do you like Insult humor ?:
Do you like DEAD BABY JOKES:

have you ever been to thisisacryforhelp.com ?:
whats on your mind?:
did you lie and are really thinking about sex?:

Is this APP random enough for ya?:

how do you like your family?:
ever think dirty thoughts in front of a relative, but not necessaarily about that relative?:

are you comfortable with yourself ?:

anything you wanna tell us?:

Lastly post a picture, and describe where it was taken.


thank you so much now as they say in VF prepare to be assimilated